move with a smile

How this venture begun

It was a warm summer evening in spring 2007 by the edge of Lake Lucerne when my son Hampus Naeselius came rushing home telling me that I had to walk down to the harbour listening to a special girl. You need to hear her voice, he said. I went down, only to realize that he was right. Caroline Chevin`s voice just had it.
Some weeks later she came by LateBloomerLab© Studio and made some recordings. Caroline Chevin became the main reason why I decided to continue creating music. Today, she is a well established artist in Switzerland.

I have lived my life mostly shaped by a vision strong enough bringing joy twentyfourseven since the end of the 50`s. Sure I`ve felt on my nose occasionally, but I consider that practice.
Move with a smile - anything else is a waste in this Paradise of ours. It`s free and filled with choices. Brought to life by a heartfrequency science community can`t explain.
When I was younger I made radio. Love sounds, whatever source. So, today when I play around, experiment, I create my sound through inner visions. My soundtrack close for example was moulded in deep connection with a heavy spring river flush in Vitznau (ch). I consider processes within nature itself as my basic source of inspiration.


My sound is laidback. My poetry is uncompromising. Mental rooms for anyone who seeks depth & sense to rest within. Creating has dominated my walk as long as I can remember. Just lucky having the inner strength acting upon my curiosty, manifesting all kinds of ventures. Ofcourse, with various results.

Every day should be considered a miracle regardless of individual brain perception or social edjucation. Morality is basically filtred through existing religious dogmas protecting humanity from it`s own extinction. In this context, how to enlight awareness, compress individual meaning - I write about. Feeling pure relief - I play about. That`s my core.

Finding resilient good knowledge requiers a long walk. Also demands organic passion, deep studies & real endurance. After more than 40years of research within academia as well executing out there adventures (sailing, climbing, diving & travelling). - I stand ready.
What I can promise is direction of healthy knowledge & rhythm.
Dive into The Lab.