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Creative leader - Carl Naeselius.
Featuring artists - Hampus Naeselius, Caroline Chevin & Lokka Vox.



Welcome to The Lab.
Here freedom of feel rules. I write & compose for better health, fun & being understood. This is a domain zone for dreamers, climbers, runners, yoga souls, walkers, sailor`s & swimmers.
My passion is painting inner visions through poetry & sound. Leaving space for listeners visualizing his or her own story. Life is a gift dribbling through unexpectancy. Being grateful helps. is the overall spiritual brand. Leaving latebloomerlab team operating real creative projects supervised by Feel free listening in to poetry, graphic saga`s, audio books, music & viewing video art.



  • music theme
    Music as therapy
    Posted on: Feb 15, 2021

    When music sounds within my spirit tell stories.


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